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How to Complete Bankruptcy Forms

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How to Complete Bankruptcy Forms

When filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it’s likely that you’ll be dealing with a large packet of forms. These include the petition, a series of schedules, and various other documents. These papers form the crux of your case. It’s vital that you know exactly what to fill in where. But don’t fret! That’s what we do every day at Bartifay Law Offices. Here is information about completing bankruptcy petitions and other vital forms.

Completing Bankruptcy Forms

Whether you want to fill out Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms, the U.S. Courts’ website has made it pretty easy to obtain these documents. You can effortlessly complete them online, save, and print later.

Personal Information

When completing the forms, you are required to first provide personal information, including:

  • Your social security number
  • Name of any business that you own
  • Home rental status
  • The bankruptcy chapter that you plan to file
  • If you have filed for bankruptcy inside the last eight years
  • Whether you own any perilous property
  • Whether you have gone through the credit counseling course


This is the second section that requires you to describe the property that you hold on schedule A/B. They may include assets like:

  • cars
  • vans
  • real estate
  • SUVs
  • motorcycles
  • tractors
  • watercraft
  • recreational vehicles
  • aircraft
  • motorhomes
  • pets
  • jewelry
  • money owed to you (inheritance, tax refunds, lawsuits against other people, loans, etc.).  
  • Businesses
  • business-related properties
  • collectibles and financial assets (investments, bank accounts, retirement accounts, cash, etc.) also fall under this category.

Exempt Property

There are certain assets you can claim as exempt according to the law. (you’ll find this in Schedule C). The exempt property varies widely depending on your state’s exemption statutes. Pennsylvania, for instance, permits you to exempt retirement accounts, pension accounts, disability insurance payments, and workers’ compensation benefits.

Collateralized Debt

Schedule D: Creditors Who Have Claims Secured by Property constitutes a secured bankruptcy claim since the creditors can take away your property (collateral) if you fail to clear the debt in time. The most common type of collateralized loans includes mortgages and car loans.  

Other Debts

Other remaining debts can be listed under Schedule E/F – Creditors Who Have Unsecured Claims. It includes priority claims such as child support, spousal support, government tax and obligations, claims for death or personal injury that resulted when you were intoxicated, personal loans, credit card balances, and utility bills.

Contracts and Leases

If you have standing contracts or leases, then it must be included on Schedule G – Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases. Contracts can be as varied as a gym membership or an equipment rental agreement.


Co-debtors are individuals who must pay your debt if you fail to. They may include your joint credit card holders. Schedule H: Codebtors allows you to list them here.


Under Schedule I, you will disclose information regarding your employment and income, including your spouses’ if you are married.


Monthly expenditures are listed here on Schedule J to help determine your monthly disposable income.

Financial Affairs

On the Statement of Financial Affairs for Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy form, you will be required to fill out the information about your transactions and previous financial situations.

Financial Summary

This section allows you to disclose to the court about your assets, income, and expenses as well as the debt type.


Declaration About an Individual Debtor’s Schedules form ascertains that the information provided is correct and that it constitutes a full disclosure.

Bartifay Law Offices

Completing the bankruptcy forms can be a thorny ordeal if you do not know what the law stipulates. But have no fear, Bartifay Law Offices has the most competent defense attorneys to get you through this seemingly tough legal procedures.

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