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mortgage modification

Blog December 6, 2018

Mortgage Modification: When Mistakes are Made by Mortgage Companies What Are Your Rights in PA

    No one wants to lose their home when mortgage modification could help.  In fact, most homeowners will go to great lengths to keep up with their mortgage payments, even if it means skipping payments on other bills or paying just the minimum on credit cards in order to scrape up enough money for […]


Blog December 4, 2018

5 Tips for Finding the Best Foreclosure Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Having a qualified attorney can make all the difference in a foreclosure lawsuit. A foreclosure can be a stressful and emotional time. The bank will have an attorney handling their end of the lawsuit. So it is highly recommended that anyone going through a foreclosure seek adequate legal representation for the best possible outcome.  However, […]

payout vs foreclosure

Blog December 1, 2018

Reinstatement vs. Payoff in Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a legal process by which a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower who is no longer willing or able to make payments. According to federal law, once a homeowner’s mortgage payment is 120 days past due, the lender has the right to recoup the money lost on […]


Blog November 23, 2018

What Can Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Do for Me?

Are you unsure about hiring a foreclosure defense lawyer to help save your home?  Like many people, you may have some misconceptions about the process, and this is making the decision difficult. You may be surprised at the many reasons why hiring a defense lawyer is a good idea. Don’t Wait too Long to Contact […]


Blog November 23, 2018

Choosing the Best Mortgage Loan Modification Services

Are you facing the possibility of losing your home in foreclosure?  If so, the first thing to remember is that you aren’t the only one in that position.  Millions of homeowners have been in the same situation. On the positive side, there are ways to prevent the foreclosure and retain ownership of your home.   […]

Blog November 20, 2018

Filing Bankruptcy After a Mortgage Modification:  What You Need to Know

Like most people, your home mortgage is your primary source of debt.  When a financial crisis occurs, you may face choosing between making the mortgage payment or buying groceries for your family.  After a few months of failure to make payments, you’re in danger of foreclosure. It doesn’t have to end this way, though. Homeowners […]

Blog November 17, 2018

What Happens When You Declare Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy is often the last resort for an individual or business when they need to buy some time and stop creditors from taking drastic measures.  If you are currently in the position of considering this route to solving your debt problems, you need to know more about what happens when you file bankruptcy.  To […]

mortgage modification

Blog November 14, 2018

Mortgage Modifications – How It Works

Unexpected circumstances can befall a homeowner that creates havoc on their financial wellbeing.  In no time, the mortgage payments fall behind, and it’s impossible to find a way to catch up. With foreclosure looming around the corner, it’s time to take some proactive steps to save the home.  When a homeowner finds themselves in this […]


Blog November 9, 2018

Foreclosures: When to Hire a Lawyer

When you fall behind on your mortgage payments, it’s advisable to consult with a foreclosure lawyer before you receive that dreaded breach letter from the lender. Most lenders only allow 120 days of arrears before they take action. So, if you want to keep your home, hiring an attorney early in the process ensures that […]

pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer

Blog Legal Advice November 5, 2018

What Do I Bring to a Consultation With a Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyer?

The prospect of sharing all your financial information with a stranger is unsettling for many reasons. However, if you need the services of a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer, you should provide the documents requested. Having all the facts about your financial situation helps the attorney make an informed recommendation about which type of bankruptcy is best […]

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