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Blog February 23, 2021

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer Before Hiring Them 

When you decide to file for bankruptcy, finding the right bankruptcy lawyer near me will make all the difference. Most attorneys are willing to offer you a free consultation to make sure they’re a good fit for your needs. Here are some questions to ask your potential bankruptcy lawyer: Do I have any non-exempt assets? […]

Small red toy house next to coins and a pen representing that it is time for a loan modification on the mortgage

Blog February 16, 2021

Loan Modification vs Short Sale: Which One Is Best for You?

When a homeowner can no longer afford the mortgage, it’s time to decide how to get out of debt. There are two main types of debt relief available: a loan modification or a short sale. You must take the time to understand what each of these options entails, including its advantages, before making a decision. […]

"TAXES" sign next to dollar bills of 50$ representing the importance of paying taxes in debt management

Blog February 9, 2021

Debt Management Tips: How to Write Off Unpaid Invoices as a Tax Return

Having an unpaid invoice means that you’re not getting paid for the products or the services that you’ve provided. Likewise, unpaid invoices can wreak havoc on small businesses. When this happens, you may experience debt management problems that could prevent you from paying your bills. It also means that you’re paying taxes on income that […]

Man with only a 5 dollar bill is looking for some financial management advice

Blog February 2, 2021

5 Financial Management Tips to Help Freelancers Avoid Debt

Freelancing has many perks, for one thing, you get to do what you love on a schedule that best suits your needs. This is why so many people are freelancing today. However, freelancing comes with one risk: the unpredictable income stream combined with poor financial management practices can result in debt. Fortunately, this situation can […]

piggy bank next to coins with school graduation hat representing how to pay student debt

Blog January 26, 2021

Debt Management Tips to Pay Off Your Student Debt

It is never a good feeling to have debt, but sometimes debt is the best way to obtain certain things in our society. Of course, some debts are more important than others, such as car loans, mortgages, and student debt. Student debt can be high and seem insurmountable at times, but you can pay it […]

business insolvency concept of a lot of unpaid bills under glasses and a calculator

Blog January 19, 2021

Early Warning Signs that Your Business is Falling Into Insolvency

Starting and running a business are two incredible feats. Of course, they also come with a long list of challenges. You have to balance your work and personal life, make sure employees are paid, monitor statistics, and ensure that your company stays solvent. The last one is the greatest concern for many people, especially under […]

small house next to a calculator to represent how to do a loan modification

Blog January 12, 2021

The Difference Between a Loan Modification and Refinancing

There are some people out there who may get a loan and are happy enough with the terms that they follow it out to the end. But others may find that, over time, the terms of their loan may no longer work as well or they would like to get a better interest rate.  If […]

form to file for bankruptcy and a pen

Blog January 5, 2021

Business Reorganization in Bankruptcy: Is It Right for You?

Running a business can be difficult. There are a lot of moving parts to manage. Unfortunately, it does not always work out. Sometimes, it is the fault of someone running the company, but in other cases, uncontrollable factors can lead to insolvency. At this point, some companies may begin considering bankruptcy.  Filing for bankruptcy is […]

loss mitigation

Blog December 29, 2020

What Is Loss Mitigation and Will It Affect My Credit?

All it takes is a single crisis and some Americans won’t be able to pay their mortgage. If this happens to you, you may be forced to foreclose on your home. Since nobody benefits from a foreclosure, the government is taking a series of initiatives to prevent a repeat of the housing market collapse in […]

home for sale in a judicial sale

Blog December 22, 2020

How To Stop A Judicial Sale In Allegheny County

If a homeowner is delinquent on a mortgage for no less than 60 days, the lender can file for a court-ordered foreclosure. The lender can then hold a judicial sale, also referred to as a sheriff’s sale, on the home.  While foreclosure can be a frightening and devastating process, the outcome doesn’t always have to […]

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