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Blog August 27, 2018

Am I Going Bankrupt? Sure Signs You Are Headed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

No one dreams of someday filing for bankruptcy. But, in some cases it is the best solution to call bankruptcy lawyers to help with your financial problems. Financial setbacks such as job loss, divorce, death of a family member, or medical disability can drastically, and suddenly, change your financial position. When your burden of debt […]

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Blog August 19, 2018

How to Protect Yourself from Foreclosure and Stay in Your Home

A person’s financial security can change abruptly and leave them in a position of making difficult choices. Which bill gets paid, which one can wait? Not a comfortable spot to find yourself in, but you’re not the only one. Thousands of homeowners have been faced with foreclosure and forced to leave their homes. In many […]

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Blog August 19, 2018

Facing Foreclosure After a Natural Disaster: Do You Need a Foreclosure Attorney?

Most of us don’t worry much about natural disasters unless they hit close to home. But, no one knows where the next one will strike.  Currently, severe weather systems are causing damaging wind and floods in several US states. California is on fire again with hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed.  Hawaii is being terrorized […]


Blog August 9, 2018

Guide to Bankruptcy

America is a nation ridden with debt–almost everyone takes out a loan to pay for a house and a car, student loan debt is commonplace, and credit card debt is rampant. The average American adult holds 2.6 credit cards, and most fail to pay their balance in full each month. It comes as no surprise, […]

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Blog August 9, 2018

What Is Mortgage Loan Modification?

The term mortgage, or mortgage loan, is familiar to most people–it is the loan you take out from a bank to pay for your home. After all, how many people can afford to pay cash for a house? And, just as most people understand what a mortgage is, most people understand the pressure that comes […]


Blog August 1, 2018

Navigating Bankruptcy: Do You Need an Attorney?

Are you considering filing a Chapter 7 straight bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 payment plan case without the help of an attorney? If you are considering filing solo, you are probably low on cash and have been researching your options and the actual costs of filing for bankruptcy. You may be worried you can’t afford […]

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Blog August 1, 2018

How to Protect Yourself from Home Foreclosure

Buying a home is an exciting milestone. For most people, a home is the biggest, most important purchase they will make in their lifetime. As optimistic and confident as one might feel having crossed this threshold, it’s important to know homeownership comes with both responsibility and risk. The reality is that millions of homeowners have […]

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Blog May 9, 2018

Welcome to the Bartifay Law Blog

Bartifay Law and Glenn R. Bartifay, Esquire, have represented clients in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for over 25 years. Our legal team is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and outstanding results in bankruptcy, mortgage modification, home retention and mortgage foreclosure defense. We are committed to helping people keep their homes and to resolve financial crises. […]

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