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managing debt

Blog April 23, 2020

3 Helpful Tips for Managing Debt

Are you struggling with managing debt? Debt can sneak up on you. The culprit of sneaky debt is often a credit card, or maybe missed payments. When you think of your credit card(s) alongside other debts like personal or student loans, car payments, or a mortgage, the numbers can be downright overwhelming. There are several […]

debt consolidation

Blog April 16, 2020

Debt Consolidation and Repayment Plans: Know the Difference

Are you overwhelmed with debt? Do you feel like your finances are chaotic and unorganized at best? Debt consolidation and debt repayment plans are both great tools that can help you to get caught up on debts that seem overwhelming, or that you have fallen behind on. There are several key differences between the two.  […]

bankruptcy attorney

Blog April 9, 2020

What is a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Considering filing for bankruptcy? Do you need a bankruptcy attorney? Filing for bankruptcy is a great way to get out from under large quantities of debt. There are various reasons someone may file for bankruptcy. Perhaps they have been unemployed for an extended period of time. Seriously; overextended credit is a common reason. Large amounts […]

debt consolidation

Blog March 27, 2020

How to Eliminate Debt in 2020

Are you looking for some debt consolidation help? If you are struggling with debt in 2020, you are not alone. Debt is not only a huge stressor, but it can be difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, with great solutions like bankruptcy, you can manage debt in a variety of ways.  Budget Accordingly If you […]

refinance credit card debt

Blog March 20, 2020

Can’t Refinance Credit Card? Now What

Credit card refinancing is a great way of becoming debt-free because it avoids or lessens an interest rate. However, to qualify to refinance credit card debt, you must have a credit score over 680.  If you cannot refinance credit card debt, you may be wondering if you have any other options to become debt-free.  Debt […]

loan modification

Blog March 13, 2020

Loan Modification: How to Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure

Since 2007, almost 4.2 million people have lost their homes to foreclosure. Financial hardships can strike when we least expect it and can lead to foreclosure or worse. Fortunately, a loan modification can lower your monthly mortgage payments and make managing debt a little easier.  What Is a Loan Modification? A loan modification is a […]

debt consolidation

Blog March 6, 2020

5 Alternatives to Debt Consolidation in 2020

Becoming debt-free is a strenuous process. While debt consolidation may be a good option for some, many others will find that they are unable to use it due to bad credit. If you want to consolidate debt, you will have to pay higher rates than other alternatives. You will also have shorter terms with debt […]

mortgage arrears

Blog February 17, 2020

Financing Mortgage Arrears Through Bankruptcy

There are many reasons to consider filing for bankruptcy.  Maybe you are drowning in credit card debt, overstretched with medical bills or have a mortgage in arrears.  Different situations require different solutions. If your mortgage is one of the bills causing you major financial stress, you may want to consider using bankruptcy to get back […]

debt consolidation

Blog February 10, 2020

Find the Best Debt Consolidation Plan for You

There are two main ways to handle debt consolidation – with credit cards and with loans.  Balance transfer credit cards allow you to move debt from other cards all into one account.  They have no interest for a limited time, some up to 21 months. This is a great way to start chipping away at […]

mortgage arrears

Blog February 3, 2020

5 Things You Should Know About Mortgage Arrears

For a lot of people, mortgages hold a lot of confusion.  You pay them each month so you can live in and eventually own your house, but all of the jargon associated with them is too much.  Case in point – what does it mean to be in arrears? In simpler terms, mortgage arrears are […]

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