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Bankruptcy lawyer writing something down while sitting down in front of desk. On top of the desk there's a scale and gavel.

Blog February 23, 2021

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer Before Hiring Them 

When you decide to file for bankruptcy, finding the right bankruptcy lawyer near me will make all the difference. Most attorneys are willing to offer you a free consultation to make sure they’re a good fit for your needs. Here are some questions to ask your potential bankruptcy lawyer: Do I have any non-exempt assets? […]

business insolvency concept of a lot of unpaid bills under glasses and a calculator

Blog January 19, 2021

Early Warning Signs that Your Business is Falling Into Insolvency

Starting and running a business are two incredible feats. Of course, they also come with a long list of challenges. You have to balance your work and personal life, make sure employees are paid, monitor statistics, and ensure that your company stays solvent. The last one is the greatest concern for many people, especially under […]

form to file for bankruptcy and a pen

Blog January 5, 2021

Business Reorganization in Bankruptcy: Is It Right for You?

Running a business can be difficult. There are a lot of moving parts to manage. Unfortunately, it does not always work out. Sometimes, it is the fault of someone running the company, but in other cases, uncontrollable factors can lead to insolvency. At this point, some companies may begin considering bankruptcy.  Filing for bankruptcy is […]

bankruptcy contract, gavel, and a calculator

Blog December 17, 2020

5 Myths About Bankruptcy And Your Credit History

When you realize that bankruptcy is your only chance for getting back on track financially, it can seem like your world has ended. You might be inclined to find out how badly filing for bankruptcy will impact your credit score. As well as looking into how quickly you can recover. Fortunately, it might not be […]

bankruptcy and debt

Blog November 24, 2020

What Debts Are Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Unfortunately, overwhelming debt is a reality for many Americans. As various debts add up, whether due to negligence or unforeseen events, these debts can begin to weigh heavily on an individual’s life. While they may be able to stay afloat for quite some time, it can come to a point where the debt is too […]

Filing for bankruptcy

Blog November 17, 2020

Filing for Bankruptcy: What are The Benefits?

Bankruptcy is a word no one ever likes to hear. Especially when it relates to their own or their company’s finances. Bankruptcy means that debts have continued to pile up so heavily that you are unable to keep up with the payments. The reasons it gets to this point can be numerous, but we will […]

Filed for Bankruptcy

Blog Legal Advice October 27, 2020

Who Will Know I Filed for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy can be stressful.  Even though the process will help relieve your debt in the end, that does not mean you don’t feel the pressure of having such a huge financial burden in the first place.  One thing a lot of people wonder is: how public the fact that they filed bankruptcy will […]

Filing for bankruptcy

Blog Legal Advice October 20, 2020

How Filing for Bankruptcy Can Provide You With a Fresh Start

Filing for bankruptcy can be intimidating.  Even the word bankruptcy can make you start to feel stressed and anxious.  However, bankruptcy is not always bad.  Sometimes filing for bankruptcy can actually make your situation better.  If you are in an overwhelming amount of debt and choose to file for bankruptcy, you are basically giving yourself […]

Taxes and bankruptcy

Blog September 17, 2020

Owe Money to the State? Here Is How We Can Help

Paying taxes is something we all have to do.  But tax payments can be stressful, especially if the time comes and you don’t have enough to pay and are worried about filing for bankruptcy.  This may happen because your job didn’t withhold state taxes as you got paid, you are self-employed, or you received unemployment […]

Calculating student loans

Blog August 20, 2020

Student Loans and Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

As college tuition has gone up, student loans have become more popular.  Nearly 70 percent of students borrow money in order to get their degree.  Sometimes this works out, but other times it does not.  Paying off student loans takes a lot of time and money, and it can be extra stressful if you are […]

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