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Retirement plan written on paper

Blog August 6, 2020

Bankruptcy and Preparing for Retirement

If you are in debt and thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you probably have a lot of questions.  Older adults generally wonder about how bankruptcy will affect their retirement funds.  How is filing before retirement different than after?  What about social security?  Read on for answers to these and other common questions about bankruptcy and […]


Blog June 24, 2020

3 Companies That Recently Filed for Bankruptcy That May Surprise You

Currently, COVID-19 is affecting the country in a variety of ways. Millions are claiming unemployment while others are barely scraping by. Amid the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, three major companies have filed for bankruptcy. This turn of events has been shocking, to say the least, as these three companies have always been prestigious. These […]

bankruptcy attorney

Blog June 3, 2020

Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyers: What We Do

While it is extremely useful for those in debt, bankruptcy is a stressful situation. Bankruptcy is a process in which a judge and court trustee look over the liabilities and assets of a person (or business) who cannot pay their bills. With the right bankruptcy attorney, this process can become a simple way towards becoming […]


Blog May 11, 2020

Thinking of Filing Bankruptcy? See if You Qualify

It can be very easy to get into debt so badly that it seems like you will never find a way out. For those who are completely overwhelmed by their current financial situation, one solution to their debt issues is filing bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be beneficial. Decide if it is the best option […]

mortgage arrears

Blog February 17, 2020

Financing Mortgage Arrears Through Bankruptcy

There are many reasons to consider filing for bankruptcy.  Maybe you are drowning in credit card debt, overstretched with medical bills or have a mortgage in arrears.  Different situations require different solutions. If your mortgage is one of the bills causing you major financial stress, you may want to consider using bankruptcy to get back […]

starting fresh with bankruptcy

Blog January 6, 2020

Bankruptcy: Starting Fresh in 2020

The beginning of January is filled with hope, promise, and New Year’s resolutions.  Flipping that calendar page from 2019 to 2020 opens up a world of new opportunities.  People all over the world vow to shed bad habits and develop new, better habits in their place.  If you are thinking about losing weight and starting […]

avoid bankruptcy

Blog December 27, 2019

How to Manage Your Money to Avoid Bankruptcy

In this day and age, it is very easy to become swallowed up by missed loan payments and debt. Many of us may feel that we are on the edge of filing bankruptcy. This is definitely not a good feeling! Luckily for you, there are many ways to avoid bankruptcy. It all depends on knowing […]


Blog December 13, 2019

Bankruptcy: Getting on The Right Track

Filing for bankruptcy can be a great help when dealing with debt. It can eliminate many different types of debt entirely, allows you to reorganize your debts, and also allows you to catch up on the missed mortgage. Even though these are great bits of help, filing for bankruptcy can easily become confusing, as it […]

murrysville pa

Blog November 18, 2019

Filing Bankruptcy in Murrysville PA

Bankruptcy is a process that allows leniency when paying back a debt. While it is a great help to any person struggling to make ends meet when repaying debts, it is a complex process that can easily become confusing. Understanding how bankruptcy works, especially in your own state, can make the entire process much easier.  […]

bankruptcy attorney

Blog October 21, 2019

Five Helpful Tips on Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy protection can be a complicated and confusing process. It’s even tougher for someone who isn’t well acquainted with bankruptcy law. Most people considering bankruptcy know very little about the bankruptcy process.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney can be very helpful. A good attorney will help you determine whether filing for bankruptcy is in […]

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