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"TAXES" sign next to dollar bills of 50$ representing the importance of paying taxes in debt management

Blog February 9, 2021

Debt Management Tips: How to Write Off Unpaid Invoices as a Tax Return

Having an unpaid invoice means that you’re not getting paid for the products or the services that you’ve provided. Likewise, unpaid invoices can wreak havoc on small businesses. When this happens, you may experience debt management problems that could prevent you from paying your bills. It also means that you’re paying taxes on income that […]

Man with only a 5 dollar bill is looking for some financial management advice

Blog February 2, 2021

5 Financial Management Tips to Help Freelancers Avoid Debt

Freelancing has many perks, for one thing, you get to do what you love on a schedule that best suits your needs. This is why so many people are freelancing today. However, freelancing comes with one risk: the unpredictable income stream combined with poor financial management practices can result in debt. Fortunately, this situation can […]

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