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home for sale in a judicial sale

Blog December 22, 2020

How To Stop A Judicial Sale In Allegheny County

If a homeowner is delinquent on a mortgage for no less than 60 days, the lender can file for a court-ordered foreclosure. The lender can then hold a judicial sale, also referred to as a sheriff’s sale, on the home.  While foreclosure can be a frightening and devastating process, the outcome doesn’t always have to […]

Judicial sale of a house, home for sale

Blog December 18, 2020

What Is A Judicial Sale?

A judicial sale is classified as a court-intervened sale of a mortgaged property in default. These sales are the result of unresolved disputes where the borrower is: Insolvent Unable to continue with mortgage payments due to financial hardship A mortgage carrier will determine that there is no resolution for the debt and equity remains in […]

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