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Small red toy house next to coins and a pen representing that it is time for a loan modification on the mortgage

Blog February 16, 2021

Loan Modification vs Short Sale: Which One Is Best for You?

When a homeowner can no longer afford the mortgage, it’s time to decide how to get out of debt. There are two main types of debt relief available: a loan modification or a short sale. You must take the time to understand what each of these options entails, including its advantages, before making a decision. […]

small house next to a calculator to represent how to do a loan modification

Blog January 12, 2021

The Difference Between a Loan Modification and Refinancing

There are some people out there who may get a loan and are happy enough with the terms that they follow it out to the end. But others may find that, over time, the terms of their loan may no longer work as well or they would like to get a better interest rate.  If […]

loan modification

Blog March 13, 2020

Loan Modification: How to Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure

Since 2007, almost 4.2 million people have lost their homes to foreclosure. Financial hardships can strike when we least expect it and can lead to foreclosure or worse. Fortunately, a loan modification can lower your monthly mortgage payments and make managing debt a little easier.  What Is a Loan Modification? A loan modification is a […]

mortgage loan modification

Blog November 4, 2019

Mortgage Loan Modification: 3 Tips for Applying

Applying for a mortgage loan modification is an important decision. It can change the way you repay your loan. This application process can be tedious and difficult to understand. It requires a lot of knowledge and documentation. The process, however, is very worth it if it means that you have an easier method of paying […]

loan modification

Blog September 25, 2019

Staying in Business Through a Loan Modification

If you are a business owner struggling to meet the minimum monthly payments on a loan, you know how stressful life can be. You may be facing increased production costs, decreased revenues, or changes in your market. A loan modification may be the answer for you. Whatever the cause of your loan repayment struggles, you […]

loan mortgage modification

Blog General August 1, 2019

Will a Loan Mortgage Modification Help Lower My Payments?

Reassessing your loan mortgage is sometimes needed to make payments easier to manage. If you’re currently having financial struggles and looking for relief, you can consider a loan mortgage modification program. This will help you create a more affordable loan payment that is within your budget. A mortgage loan modification allows you to make short-term […]

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Blog General May 2, 2019

Mortgage Modifications and Your Credit: What You Need to Know

At some point in time, we are all faced with financial difficulty. Then we need to make fiscal adjustments to remain afloat. Out of the eighty-plus million homeowners in America, many find themselves in the predicament of not being able to afford their monthly mortgage payments. And feel the only option is to foreclose on […]

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